Angel Pets Vendor Expo 2014

The Vendor display area will be free and open to the public during the conference from 9-5pm ~ free

Angel Pets Expo Flyer 6


Pet Honoring

– items to help with pet loss. Such items include:Loving Transition Honoring Kit Info Sheet

Honoring Transition Kit– End-of-life time is difficult and often we are at a loss of how to help our loved one during this time. This kit is comprised of items to assist with the emotional and spiritual aspects of end of life transitions. The goal is to provide comfort, ease of transition and assist the beloved in feeling loved and cared for. It comes with an Honoring Wrap, Loving transition energy spray and Lightbody CD. We can help make the area, energy and beloved comfortable on their journey back home. It is way to bring in the sacred, honor them and show great love.

Honoring Your Pet CD

 Honor Your Pet CD

(guided pet honoring memorial ceremony) – This is a guided Pet Honoring Memorial ceremony which you can play in your own time and space. The CD has an overview of what to expect and how to prepare. And when you’re ready you can play the guided memorial to have your own meaningful way to give thanks and honor your beloved pet. This can be done in the privacy of your own home for you. It is also a great thing to do as a family. It helps us transition through grief and helps with closure. There is not a lot out there to help us when we lose a beloved animal companion and family member. Something as simple as a dedicated time to say thanks and honor the love and gifts your beloved pet gave can have tremendous effects on healing our heart.


Nancy Kay, DVM

Speaking for Spot

Speaking for Spot Book – by author and veterinarian Nancy Kay, DVM

Learn how to become a savvy medical advocate for your dog. With a sense of humor and explanations that are easy to understand, Dr. Nancy Kay provides a wealth of dog health care tips and teaches you how to navigate the expensive, complex, and often overwhelming world of veterinary medicine. Visits to your vet will never be the same!


Your Dog’s Best Health

Your Dog's Best HealthWith Speaking for Spot my goal was to teach you why we need to be medical advocates for our pets and how to fulfill this important role. Now, with Your Dog’s Best Health my intent is to take you to the next level by spelling out what is reasonable to expect from your vet. Included are some expectations that may just surprise you. For example, did you know that it’s reasonable to expect email communication with your vet, discussion about your Internet research, and explanations of all options for your pet, regardless of cost? In the spirit of saving the best for last, I reserved the final chapter of Your Dog’s Best Health for clarifying what is reasonable for your veterinarian to expect from you! Needless to say, visits to the vet will never be the same!




4 Paws Farewell was established to enable pets to pass peacefully in the comfort of their own homes.  By using compassionate care through pet hospice and home euthanasia, your pet can be put to sleep in the comfort of your own home. Our vision is to allow this to be a readily available option to help reduce pet’s anxiety and increase their comfort during this transition.  Our goal is to provide your pet with a compassionate and dignified passing in the comfort of familiar surrounds and loved ones.  We are also dedicated to providing pet hospice to those pets that need assistance with end of life issues that may require medical attention and guidance.


Energy Arts

NRG Arts Divine Comfort & Loving Transition Aromatic Spritzers Angel Pets Conference Door Prize

Polly Lazaron – will be displaying a variety of Energy Spritzers, including Loving Transition and Divine Comfort. Balancing sprays for mind, body and spirit of humans and other animals.  Made in harmony with Nature to offer a convenient solution that is especially beneficial for those sensitive to travel, allergens, electromagnetic fields from computers and stresses of all kinds. Safe for children, animals, rooms and perfect for supporting  medical experiences,  service work, competition and  training.






Dylan’s Heart

Dylan’s Heart Dylan Dylan's Heart

By providing financial assistance in times of critical need, Dylan’s Hearts seeks to allow veterinary medical decisions to be made based on the most favorable outcome for the animal and not by the financial distress of the animal’s caregiver.

By providing




A Peaceful Path Pet Loss


A Peaceful Path Pet Loss – Experiencing the death of a loved one is commonly accepted as a valid reason for grief.  What may surprise you is how you or other people may respond when that loved one is a companion pet.   This is a loss you will feel daily, but sometimes struggle with how to process it. This workbook will allow you to validate your pain, explore why you feel this loss and help you navigate through the grief in a healthy direction.  It is designed to be a seven week study, but can be taken at your own pace.   You may find yourself laughing at memories of your first days together, or working through those “what-if’s” of those last few days.  All of these are necessary parts of the healing process and we hope you find comfort as you spend these days loving your companion, as well as yourself..


Pet Portraits Carolyn Kipps

Pet Artist – Carolyn Kipps

Sir HenryAcrylics on Canvas! Custom portraits of your family or furry friends! My minimum size is 12″ x 12″ for $350. If you would like to have more than one pet in the painting, add $150 per pet. Please provide a clean, high-resolution digital photo fcache_801303204or me to work with. If you live close enough, I will come take pictures myself so I can meet your fur-baby! Great idea as a Gift for Birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, or Anniversaries. Contact me at (804) 405-2405. Thanks, Carolyn

For sale at the Expo: ($350-$500)

Custom orders also available!

 georgia_finalJean Jacque_final copytoby_final


Lap of Love –

Connie Cannady, DVM

Connie Cannady Lap of Love Veterinary Hospice and in home euthanasia Ashville NC

Veterinary Hospice is a family-centered service dedicated to maintaining comfort and quality of life for the terminally ill or geriatric pet until natural death occurs or the family elects peaceful euthanasia.
(828) 620-1062


Barbara Amendola

Barbara Amendola – Celebrant, As an ordained celebrant, I legally perform traditional and alternative wedding and commitment ceremonies, as well as baby blessings and other passages. Comforting memorial services are offered for people and for beloved animal companions.  I live and work in Mill Spring, NC and I will travel anywhere in the world to celebrate you!

Braveheart Flower EssencesBarbara Braveheart Flower Essences and healing offerings are recommended for  adults, children, and their companion animals.  Gentle care for convalescing, fostered,  adopted, or sheltered animals, animals who have  suffered neglect or  abuse, senior animals, and the terminally  ill.  It  is excellent adjunct care to your trusted veterinarian’s treatment plan  for your companion.Barbara Flower essences



DogabedDogabeds –

Pronounced Doga-bed like Yoga-bed…Dogabed is a multi-purpose device that is constructed using Yoga Mats as exterior layers, and closed cell foam cushions as interior layers, providing support and comfort for pets (or anybody). Dogabed is handmade in Weaverville, NC with Eco-friendly yoga mats (phthalate, latex, heavy metal free and produced with minimally pollutive practices). All materials are made in the USA. Dogabed LLC is proud to support local Animal Rescue Organizations. Current Colors: Brown, Red, Maroon, Orange, Olive, Sky Blue, Spruce, Pink, Purple, Blue. These colors can be used in any combination for custom orders. We ship anywhere in the Continental USA. Dogabed is inspired by our Senior Canine friends/helpers, Abby (Black Lab age 12) and Levi (Weimaraner age 11) who always stole our yoga mats while they were left out on the floor, and stole our hearts!

Virginia Bennett Photography

Featuring Digital Sample Backgrounds
VB sample 2


When Your Dog Has Cancer

WhenYourDogHasCancer-HiRes-199x300When Your Dog Has Cancer’ – by Lola Ball

“This well organized compassionate book is one that all dog owners should read even if their dog hasn’t been diagnosed with cancer. The first chapters of Lola’s book include diagnosis and testing, types of cancer and treatment plans. Then, the real treasure of the book begins with what I consider the “nursing” parts of the book, hands on things an owner can do to care for their dog as they fight cancer. (*Book will be represented, author will not be on site)


CarPet – Best Pet Hair Remover

The CarPET Pet Hair Remover works on virtually all animal hair: dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, hamsters, cavies etc and gathers and collects the pet hair from all soft material: upholstery, carpets, car seats, motor home furnishings, cushions, rugs, numnah and clothes. They are even used by camel owners in the Middle East to keep their rugs clean and tidy. Its robustness means that you can keep one anywhere – in the back of the car, the trailer, under the sink or perhaps behind the furniture so you can always have your CarPET Pet Hair Remover handy either as part of your regular cleaning routine or for a quick brush before your guests arrive.

Pet Hair Remover

Limited supply available at the expo! Watch how this product REALLY works.


Bright Star Contact info

Is there a particular Vendor or type of business you’d like to see? Let us know!

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