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Assessing Qualities Of Life in Companion Animals   – Beth Marchitelli, DVM       How to evaluate and identify those components associated with quality of life in dogs and cats.

Medical Advocacy for Your Pets:  Talking With Your Veterinarian About End-of-Life Care  –   Nancy Kay, DVM
When it comes to end-of-life decision making, open and honest dialogue with your veterinarian about what is important for you and your pet makes a difficult situation so much easier. This discussion will provide you with many pointers for achieving this goal.

Reiki for Pet End-of-Life and Transition –    L. Leigh Meriweather          This presentation focuses on explaining ‘what Reiki is’ and how it can be beneficial to your pet during end-of-life and at the time of transition. It explains how energy work can be soothing, comforting and ease transition for not only the pet, but others around as well. Brief animal Reiki demonstration given.

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The Benefits of Animal Communication Before and After Pet Loss –  Rain Hummingbird             Animal communication is the process of communicating telepathically with animals, something that we all have the ability to do quite naturally. The role of an animal communicator is to bridge the communication process between you and your animal companion, facilitating two-way communication. During an animal communication consultation, you can ask questions and receive direct answers concerning your animal companion’s feelings and thoughts. Reciprocally, your animal friend has the opportunity to relay their messages to you as well. This presentation will include a discussion of what animal communication is and how it can benefit both you and your animal companion when faced with illness, transition, death and grief. We will also explore how this can expand your awareness and connection with your beloved animal friend thereby enhancing the bond you share with one another.

Understanding Companion Animal Hospice CareBeth Marchitelli, DVM             An explanation of pet hospice as it relates to the physical and emotional needs of both pet owners and their companion animals. Time is allotted for Q&A

Before, During, and After the Euthanasia Process: Many Options to Consider – Nancy Kay, DVM              When one contemplates euthanasia, timing is always a decision that must be made. There are many other choices to consider as well, all of which will be discussed during the course of this discussion.

Coping with the Disenfranchised Grief of Pet LossMark Neville, M.Div.            Our pets are members of families. However, preparing for and grieving the death of a pet frequently goes unacknowledged by others and even ourselves as an occasion for real grief. As a result, we might not receive the support we would if we were grieving the death of a human. This presentation describes disenfranchised grief due to the death of a pet. It also offers ways that we can acknowledge our grief and receive the support we need as we adapt to the death of our pet.

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The Value of Honoring in Healing Grief: Addressing the Later and Latent Stages of Grief – L. Leigh Meriweather        We are all familiar with the Kubler-Ross stages of Grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. But, did you know there are stages even after this? We go through them unconsciously (and often privately) and they are important stages of transitioning and helping us successfully heal grief. A sample exercise is also given to demonstrate the benefits of honoring.

Essential Oils, Essences and Life Change – Polly Lazaron

The history of the essential, sacred and medicinal role of plants in support of and celebrating life changes is as ancient as humanity. Essential oils and essences are plant based yet different. Each offers unique qualities and benefits for animals and their humans. Learn the differences between these beautiful, readily available, easy to use products, least intrusive and species appropriate ways to administer them and suggestions of essential oils and essences specifically for those in transition and their care givers.

Life Experiences: Panel Discussion/Q&A   – All speakers         This is a time for audience Q&A and an all speaker panel discussion of poignant end-of-life experiences we have witnessed (ceremonies, human-animal bond, grief counseling, etc.)

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