Photos/Testimonials 2014

What a great time at the Angel Pets Conference!

“This was really an amazing event. It was helpful just to have a forum discussion and the presenters did a great job of introducing their topics and providing resources for further investigation. Really stellar!”

Conference 14


Angel Pets Audience           Angel Pets Conference 2



“What a thoughtful, heart-felt event.   I loved that it included the question of how to cope after pet loss, when the emotions are still so strong, but there’s often not a lot of understanding or support. “


Angel Pets Conference 3            Angel Pets Conference 8

“It was well run from reception and registration…very helpful to speakers and topics to fabulous lunch to wonderful and resourceful ideas in the welcome bag”

Angel Pets Conference Mark Neville

“Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the conference and was so happy to have been there and a part of such a wonderful event and wonderful people. Thank you so much!”

Angel Pets Conference 7            Angel Pets Conference 6

‘Well handled, good location/parking as well!”


Angel Pets Conference 5            Angel Pets Conference 4

“Wonderful job organizing this event. It flowed smoothly, was very informative…GOOD info on resources. Thank you!”


Angel Pets Conference 10         Angel Pets Conference 18

“Very well informed and prepared speakers with excellent resources and AV presentations.”

“This was such a beautiful job of representation various aspects of pet advocacy…  wonderful people and important conversations.  I was proud to have been part of this pioneering group!”


Angel Pets Honoring Table 1

Pet Honoring Table

Angel Pets Honoring Table 2

“Amazing first conference”

IMG_8963 IMG_8965



IMG_8966 IMG_8967 IMG_8970 IMG_8971

What amazing vendors and attendees!

Expo pics 40    Expo pics 39     Expo pics 28

 “If I had not been told, I never would have known this was a first time event. The professionalism, compassion, dedication, and organization of this conference was top notch. Each topic was well thought out and each presenter did a fabulous job of making difficult subjects much easier to handle.

Each attendee received an amazing goody bag filled with resources, samples, tips, and hints which was a true delight.

It would be fantastic to see this conference presented throughout the U.S. to bring awareness to what being an advocate for your animal companions is all about.”

Expo pics 26      Expo pics 25    Expo pics 18


Expo pics 20     Expo pics 21    Expo pics 23


Expo pics 24      Expo pics 17    IMG_8589IMG_8736Expo pics 16

Expo pics 15     Expo pics 14    Expo pics 13


Expo pic 35     Expo pic 36    Expo pic 37 Expo pics 11     IMG_8880Expo pics 12    Expo pic 32IMG_8894


Expo pic 31      Expo pic 29    Expo pic 19


Expo pic 10     Expo pic 4       Expo pic 5

Expo pic 6     Expo pic 7     Expo pic 9


Expo pic 3      Expo pic 2    expo pic 1


Expo Kipps

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