Door Prizes 2014

Door Prizes for Conference Attendees (more coming!)

Pet Honoring – Energy Healing Reiki Session ($75) – L. Leigh Meriweather – Can be used for pet or person, in-person or distance or towards any products and service of Pet Honoring or Spirit Honoring.


Author Autographed copy of Speaking for Spot and Your Dog’s Best Health

Learn how to become a savvy medical advocate for your dog. With a sense of humor and explanations that are easy to understand, Dr. Nancy Kay provides a wealth of dog health care tips and teaches you how to navigate the expensive, complex, and often overwhelming world of veterinary medicine. Visits to your vet will never be the same!

Speaking for Spot Dr. Nancy Kay


Your Dog's Best Health By Nancy Kay, DVM


WhenYourDogHasCancer-HiRes-199x300When Your Dog Has Cancer’ – by Lola Ball

“This well organized compassionate book is one that all dog owners should read even if their dog hasn’t been diagnosed with cancer. The first chapters of Lola’s book include diagnosis and testing, types of cancer and treatment plans. Then, the real treasure of the book begins with what I consider the “nursing” parts of the book, hands on things an owner can do to care for their dog as they fight cancer


Angel Pets Conference Custom NRG Arts Spritzer Door PrizeEnergy Arts, LLC:  Custom Aromatic Spritzer – Gift Certificate

Co-created specifically for well-being of your mind, body and spirit, the aromatic spritzer contains distilled spring water, organic or wild harvested pure therapeutic quality essential oils, flower, gem and other essences. Formulated in alignment with your intention of how you’d like to benefit from your personal spritzer, your unique energetic harmony and to delight your senses. Your spritzer will be personally blessed and energetically enhanced for you. 2 fl. oz in a cobalt blue, glass bottle with mister tip. Shipping via USPS Priority Mail included. ($55 value)

 NRG Arts Divine Comfort & Loving Transition Aromatic Spritzers Angel Pets Conference Door Prize

Energy Arts, LLC:  Life Change Aromatic Spritzer Gift Set

Loving Transition and Divine Comfort (One 2 fl. oz. each)-two exquisite blends initially formulated for Pet Honoring, LLC. Currently used in veterinary clinics, hospice, rehabilitation, convalescence, homes and in any experience of any kind of life change Loving Transition aligns emotional grounding, ease with transition and feeling supported. Softly floral with a hint of spicy-woody notes. Divine Comfort offers rejuvenation and nourishment with lightly spicy-floral undertones. Encourages self-care, serenity and relief. A respite for caregivers. ($22 Value)

15 Minute Energy Arts, LLC: Telephone Consultation for You and Your Animal Companion

This consult offers your animal companion an opportunity to share their experience and perspective including end of life choices, preparing for hospice, transition and afterward. As their caregiver and human companion, the consult provides you with support and opens the conversation to questions valuable to both of you. Polly Lazaron, a certified animal communicator and spiritual counselor, has served as a bridge for animals in life change and their humans in homes, veterinary clinics, pastures, at a distance and after transition. She looks forward to and is honored to assist you and your companion. Polly thanks you for your participation in the Angel Pets Conference. (value $45)


Signed copies of ‘Dogs Say the Darndest Things’ by Maia Kincaid

Dogs say the darndest things


Two cedar urns from Legacy Urns


Bright Star Contact info

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