Past Conference -Angel Pets 2014

Ashesville Angel Pets flyer - Final 6

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The conference highlights new advancements in holistic resources available for pet-end-of life care. It will cover the medical, practical, emotional and spiritual considerations for pets at the end of their lives. Special attention will be given to grief from pet loss, which is often complex and under-addressed in our society. Understanding more about these areas will help us become better equipped to handle this critical time. Being aware of the resources available can be tremendous in our healing.

The goal of this conference is to allow individuals to come away feeling comforted by the knowledge of what to expect and equipped with the resources to help navigate this challenging and honorable last phase of our companion animals lives.


  •  Assessing Qualities Of Life in Companion Animals
  •  Medical Advocacy: Talking With Your Veterinarian About End-of-Life Care
  •  Reiki for Pet End-of-Life and Transition
  •  Understanding Companion Animal Hospice Care
  •  Before, During, and After the Euthanasia Process
  •  The Value of Animal Communication
  •  Coping with the Grief of Pet Loss
  •  Essential Oils and  Essences for transition
  •  Panel Discussion/Q&A

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